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  • Type of touch screen
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  • 1920×1080,4K etc
  • IR, Capacitive etc
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  • TV, monitor, digital signage, all in one computer etc

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The screen size is one of the most important characteristics for any display products. For touch screen TV, although it’s available from 10 inch to 110 inch, the most commonly used screen sizes of such products are less than 32 inch. The large screen size is very popular for television products, such as 55 inch, 65 inch and so on.

The screen resolution is always closely related to screen size. If it’s not less than 32 inch, then the most commonly used resolution are 1920 x 1080 and 4K (3840 x 2160). There are also some other resolutions that are available. The following table is the basic information of most touch screen TVs that the screen sizes are not less than 32 inch.

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Screen sizeDisplay areaResolution
32″708.48×398.52 mm3840×2160
37″819.36×460.89 mm1920×1080
40″878.112×485.352 mm 3840×2160
42″930.24×523.26 mm 1920×1080
43″ 940.896×529.254 mm 1920×1080
46″ 1018.08×572.67 mm1920×1080
47″ 1039.68×584.82 mm 1920×1080
49″1073.78×604 mm1920×1080
50″ 1095.84×616.41 mm 3840×2160
Screen sizeDisplay areaResolution
52″1152×648 mm 1920×1080
55″1209.6×680.4 mm1920×1080
60″ 1317.31×740.988 mm 3840×2160
65″1428.48×803.52 mm 3840×2160
70″ 1549.44×871.56 mm1920×1080
75″1649.66×927.936 mm3840×2160
84″1860.48×1046.52 mm3840×2160
86″1895.04×1065.96 mm3840×2160
100″2203.2×1239.3 mm3840×2160

Please Note: the touch screen TV monitor of the same size will have several different resolutions to choose from. If there is no suitable sizes or resolutions for your application in the table above, Please feel free to contact us.

Multi functions of touch screen TV

The touch screen TV is a kind display product. Its function is decided by the control board it uses. If the control board is the TV driver board, then it’s a smart television with touch screen. If the control board is the simple monitor driver board, then it’s just a simple touch screen computer board.

If the control board is the PC motherboard, then it’s a kind of smart board. If the control board is Android driver board, then it’s a kind of digital signage or kiosk. The main difference between touch TVs, touch monitors, smart boards, digital signage is what kind of control boards they use.


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